The Most Feared Plane on Earth For the Moment: F-22 Raptor in Action


Awesome video of the F-22 Raptor in Action during take off and Airshow at Nellis Air Force Base Open House.

The Lockheed Martin / Boeing F-22 Raptor is a air superiority fighter, with stealth features , made in US A, sometimes classified by the Department of Defense as American air superiority aircraft.

It was originally intended to enter service as the F / A-22, but when the first units were delivered to ‘ USAF on 15 December 2005 , the planes were renamed F-22A. USAF considers the F-22A as critical element of its strike force, and says that its performance is not comparable with any aircraft currently operating or in the planning stage. The first test flight took place on 7 September 1997 , while the first units produced in series were delivered to Nellis Air Force Base , Nevada , on January 4th 2003 . The first operational unit was delivered to the 27th Fighter Squadron.

The F-22 is considered as the substitute of the ‘ F-15 Eagle as air superiority jet fighter .

Video credits: Staff Sgt. Anthony Kuhn for the first part and Senior Airman Aaron Hauser, Staff Sgt. Anthony Kuhn, William Lewis, Airman 1st Class Rebecca Long and Tech. Sgt. Colleen Urban for the second part (from 4:47 to the end).
Thumbnail credit: MC1 Edward I. Fagg . Modified by Daily Military Defense and Archive.

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