“Song to the Moon” from Antonin Dvorak’s opera “Rusalka”


“Song to the Moon” from the opera “Rusalka,” Op. 114 by Antonin Dvorak premiered March 31, 1901.
United States Navy Concert Band
conductor: Capt. Brian Walden
soprano: Musician 1st Class Susan Kavinski
Recorded at the Hylton Performing Arts Center, Manassas, Vir. in May 2015.

“Song to the Moon” is perhaps one of the most beautiful arias ever written for soprano voice. The aria takes place early in the first act of the opera “Rusalka” by Antonin Dvorak. The protagonist, Rusalka, is a water nymph who falls in love with a human prince she views swimming in her lake. As a water nymph, she is invisible to humans, so she prays to the rising moon in a heart-wrenching aria to reveal her love to the human.