Geležinis kardas 2015


Iron Sword 2015”: tanks are revving up louder and louder, armoured personnel carriers and columns of transport vehicles are moving into the forests and take up their positions. Drones thunder off into the sky. Two thousand soldiers perform last preparations before the great battle which will start in two days. Forests shake with artillery salvos, and the troops practise various attack and defence scenarios.
The field training exercise “Iron Sword 2015” addresses the sort of military threats that reflect new challenges to the security of the NATO states in the region, such as hybrid war. Their aim is to ensure high level of readiness to engage in realistic collective defence scenarios under Article 5. By the time the decisive battles start, both sides – the blue and the red – will have reached maximum military preparedness and interoperability.

Interoperability is especially important insofar as troops from nine NATO countries and one NATO partner country, Georgia, participate in the war games. Such exercises ensure that, were a comparable realistic threat to endanger Lithuania’s or her allies’ security, our military will provide equally united and resolute response.
Iron Sword 2015“ entered its second week, and the active phase of the exercise is about to begin. War games will continue until Friday, 20th November.