Feeding the Most Monstrous Plane Ever Invented: A-10 Thunderbolt Loading/Firing


US Crew team loading Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II with gbu bombs, AGM-65 Maverick air to ground missiles and bullets/shells for the hyper powerful GAU-8 Avenger 30mm cannon. On this video you can hear the most famous plane cannon sound aka the “A-10 brrrt” at the the end of the video filmed during a training shooting at Air Gunnery Range in northern Michigan against old apc (US made M113) used as target.

Video credit: Senior Airman Kelly Greenwell, Tech. Sgt. Genevieve Armstrong, Sgt. Thanh Pham, Tech. Sgt. Rachel Barton.

Thumbnail credit: Tech. Sgt. Richard Longoria, modified by Daily Military Defense and Archive.

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