Canadian Army Newsreel, No. 31 (1944)


Language: This film is a heritage item from Library and Archives Canada and is only available in English.

The Canadian Army Newsreels were ten-minute films, made up of a number of different stories and produced by the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit. Dubbed with the phrase, “of the troops, by the troops and for the troops,” these newsreels were distributed within the Canadian Army.

Please note that some names may not be spelled correctly.

1. Birth of a Corps: The Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers is founded; the new group on a parade square in Canada; Major General Roberts inspects.

2. Workshops of War: Members of the Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers haul a damaged tank on a transporter and return it to the workshop; the vehicle is dismantled; the engine is stripped; a portable smithy; welding; fixing a hole in the armour; the wireless is repaired; the treads are reworked and replaced.

3. Dispatch Riders Train for Action: Royal Canadian Dispatch Corps train at a motorcycle centre in Canada; cross-country riding on a minefield simulation course.

4. The Show Goes On: The Garrison Theatre plays host to an army show, featuring men in drag; the 1st Canadian Army show gives a performance on a ship (women dancing); construction of a tent stage; a woman introduces “Unit E,” a fight song, the showgirls are “inspected” by their commanding officer; a can-can number; the players pack up in uniform.